Hombre Roto

by Raúl Gatica

Dear friends.

This November 14, 2015, from 3-5 PM, in Alice Mackey Room at Central VPL, 350 West Georgia, Vancouver, BC,

the Cencerro Art and Cultural Association and the Hummingbird Dream Press invite you to join us to launch the bilingual (Spanish/English) book, Broken Man/Hombre Roto by Raul Gatica.

As critics say, the body found in this collection of poems is drained, bleeding, pierced, crucified, fractured, failed, in pieces, broken and love, the corpus delicti, but the author will share with you why when you truly love, you can only ever love like a fucking idiot.

After launching the book, refreshment at 65 West Cordova St. Vancouver

For more information call: 604-897-3352 or send a mail to rumiantes@elcencerro.ca